Welcome to the Battle Debates Wiki

Behold, that game which contains the epitome of debate and nerdiness. A select number of teams choose their armies and battle to their characters' deaths in the form of a debate. The only way to win is for your opponent to concede. Full rules can be found on the "Rules and Variations" page.

(Forever a W.I.P. For now, even more so.)

Our Mildly Tragic-ish Backstory

We are three brothers who enjoy debating eachother. One day, after hashing out rules and such once again, we realized that we should have a file somewhere to keep us set on the basics. Thus, the wiki was born. Here, we catalog all our favorite characters in one place, with any information that we think would be beneficial to our debates, while cutting out the extra fluff. That means that there will be spoilers on here, so be careful.

Of course, we later learned that something similar already exists, but it doesn't suit our style. We wanted something to bend to our purposes. If you find anything fun or useful here, we're very happy about that, but at present, our goal is simply to make it more accessible to ourselves and have fun doing it. If you want to join us, by all means, jump in! But be aware that if anyone ever takes us up on that, we'll have to start laying out rules for conduct, how to edit pages, etc. Right now, we're figuring stuff out still. So, not to discourage anyone, but remember that we reserve the right to change any edit or content that we don't like.

Latest activity

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