This is an explanation of the BATTL (Breathtakingly Awesome Tag/Tier Law) system we use to estimate character's relative power. The reason we don't just use a basic "power level" system, like in Dragon Ball, is that that system doesn't account for a character to have an advantage over another, while still being technically weaker. An example of this would be [someone come up with an example and put it here].

How it worksEdit

We already were implementing a tag system so we could easily search through to find characters with certain abilities, such as super strength and super speed, so from there, it was only natural to start organizing them by the power of those abilities. So that's what we did. And that's the BATTL system in a nutshell. It's really more of a stat system than anything else. So Korosensei might have speed 7 and strength 0, while Mr. Incredible might have speed 0 and strength 7[these are initial estimate stats, and will need to be checked later]. In this way, we get a general idea of who's the most powerful, without losing sight of specific strengths and weaknesses.



For the sake of the explanation, I'll be using the speed stat, but these parameters can be easily applied to any other stat. I'll also not be going into details for what each number means, since that varies enough from stat to stat that we'll have to include the specifics for each one separately, likely on separate pages.

0 means average. 1 means the character in question has exercised and/or is physically fit, more so than most, but still not particularly special. A 2 would mean that the character in question is extremely impressive, even as an athlete. It's the highest score that's still solidly considered "human level". A 3 indicates that, while the person is unrealistically fast, this is still borderline human level. This is the point where anime might say that these are just amazing human athletes, while exaggerating their abilities to the point that it's not quite believable. 4 is the lowest score that's definitely not human level. The numbers continue all the way up to 10.

Negative numbers indicate that this person is unusually bad at this stat. A -1 for speed would indicate that this person is slow and gets winded easily. A -2 is best thought of as being inbetween -1 and -3, A -3 is extremely unhealthy, to an extent that is rare in reality, but could commonly be played off for comedy in fiction. -4 is just ridiculous. I doubt we'll see a lot, if any. It's more a hypothetical than anything else. -5 is the lowest score possible, and is reserved for special cases such as Ritsu, who is completely immobile.

To do: Define exactly what stats exist and what they mean, Determine standard page setup to communicate this, Come up with an example