"There's no such thing as no such thing."

Greed is a character from the manga "Fullmetal Alchemist". He's one of the homunculi created by Father.

Original Greed Edit

Greed is the personification of greed. He also has the ability to control the carbon in his body. He usually uses this power to make his skin impenetrable, although he could use it for other things too. He was eventually killed by Wrath.

Lin-Greed Edit

After the original Greed died, Father poured a philosopher's stone over a cut in Lin Yao's face to turn him into a new Greed. Lin wanted this, and accepted it.

Lin and Greed can now switch who has control of Lin's body at will. They can communicate inside their head.

Lin Edit

When Lin is in control, he can sense where homunculi are, and he has amazing fighting ability.

Greed Edit

When Greed is in control, he acts like the original Greed.

Options Edit

In a debate, you could pick either Greed before his death or after being recreated in Lin. It should be noted that if you pick him as part of the group Homunculi, Lin-Greed is only created after Lust dies, and the entire group has to be from the same time.