Itona Horibe is a character from the anime and manga series Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui.

Abilities Edit

Mechanics and Engineering: Itona has knack for gadgets and tinkering due to learning the basics of mechanical and technical engineering from his father's company. He often puts his skills to good use with not just assassinations, but also in spying and reconnaissance when needed, being often tasked with using custom-made RC vehicles. Ritsu often used Itona's technology such as recon drones and drones loaded with tranquilizer drones.

Intelligence: Itona was revealed to have a high level of intelligence that was hindered and couldn't be used due to his tentacles. He shows this through his mechanic skills and academic grades.

Physical Skills: Itona has incredible physical abilities that he possibly retained from his modification with Shiro, which was shown during the climax of the Athletic Festival Arc when he performed a six foot jump into the air after being catapulted by Isogai (the average vertical jump for a 14-15-year old male is about 17 inches) and brought Class A's pole to the ground.

  • Physical strength: 2.5
  • Mobility: 4.5
  • Close-range assassination: 4
  • Long-range assassination: 2
  • Academic ability: 2.5
  • Characteristic skill: 4.5 (Inventing)