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"Once I put my mind on something, I keep on rolling."

Kaede is a character from the anime and manga series Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui.


Perseverance: While most people would pass out from pain after three days of having tentacles with no treatment, Kaede is able to go for essentially a whole school year with no treatment while keeping an entirely normal attitude.

Assassination: Kaede is able to easily blend into the background and keep her intentions hidden until her determined time to strike. While Shiro calls her the best assassin in the class, she claims that Nagisa is the best.

Acting: Kaede was a professional actress, renowned for her ability to play any role flawlessly. She was able to fool the entire class for the whole year. After her failed assassination attempt, she is no longer able to fool Karma, Nakamura, or Nagisa.

Intelligence: Kaede was the first to pass the Kunugigaoka Transfer Student Exam on her first try. She was able to implant the tentacles into herself with no assistance, and learned quickly how to use them. Unlike Itona, her intelligence is not hampered at all by the tentacles. She also has great logistical skills.

Mobility: While the tentacles do provide her with the ability to strike quickly, the pain kept her from showing her true potential for most of the series. Once they were removed, she became one of the most agile girls in the class, easily keeping track of and matching Hinata Okano's movements.

Base stats:

  • Physical strength: 2
  • Mobility: 2
  • Close-range assassination: 2
  • Long-range assassination: 3.5
  • Academic ability: 3
  • Characteristic skill: 4 (Sweets chef)

Stats prior to joining Class 3-E:
* Physical strength: 4
* Mobility: 4.5
* Close-range assassination: 0
* Long-range assassination: 0
* Academic ability: 4.5
* Characteristic skill: 5 (Acting)

Stats with tentacles going at full power:
* Physical strength: 1
* Mobility: 5
* Close-range assassination: 5
* Long-range assassination: 5
* Academic ability: 1.75
* Characteristic skill: 5 (Acting)