Kirara Hazama is a character from the anime and manga series Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui.

Abilities Edit

Marksmanship: Kirara is placed joint 3rd in marksmanship, girls' side, along with Rio Nakamura. They both scored 79/200 in test in June.

Writing: Kirara has shown herself a talented playwright, having been tasked with writing the script for Class E's school play. Her main specialty was a Dark theme related that include cursing, spiders, writing scriptplay or even scaring Korosensei.

  • Physical strength: 1.5
  • Mobility: 2
  • Close-range assassination: 1
  • Long-range assassination: 4
  • Academic ability: 4
  • Characteristic skill: 4 (cursed verbal abuse) 
  • Strategy/Planning: 4 
  • Commanding/Leadership: 3 
  • Execution (Ability to carry out plans): 1 
  • Technique (Traps, weapons, preparations, etc): 2 
  • Scouting/Intelligence Gathering: 4 
  • Politics/Negotiations: 5