Naotsugu is a Guardian from the anime and light novel series Log Horizon. He is level 90 at the beginning of the series, and progresses in level throughout. His abilities remain the same throughout the story.

Known Abilities Edit

Anchor Howl Edit

Gives a powerful howl that increases the user's defense and gives them a massive aggro increase. All enemies are forced to attack the user. Sentient enemies can ignore the howl, but will suffer a powerful counterattack. While defense is increased, the armor of the user glows.

Aura Saber Edit

Deals piercing damage that ignores the target's armor. Gains less aggro than other attacks.

Castle of Stone Edit

Causes the user to be both immobile and entirely invulnerable to any damage. This ability has a base duration of ten seconds, and a base cooldown of ten minutes.

Cool Defense Edit

Reduces any damage taken by a certain percent. Effect increases with damage taken. This ability takes a large amount of mana.

Counter Break Edit

Attacks into an oncoming attack, reducing the opposing attack by as much damage as you deal. Has a fairly long cooldown time.

Fortress Stance Edit

Takes no mana, and can be toggled on or off. While in this stance, defense is increased, and the user cannot be pushed back or caused to flinch. However, they also cannot attack during this time.

Heavy Armor Stance Edit

While in this stance, the user's target is bound to them by a dull chain, and cannot escape from movement alone. If the stance is broken, the target is freed as well.

Resilience Edit

Causes the user to slowly recover health over time.

Shield Mastery Edit

A passive ability that increases the defense of whatever shield the user equips.

Shield Swing Edit

The user swings their shield, dealing heavy damage to potentially multiple targets. This attack uses a fair amount of mana.

Steady Bulwark Edit

When the shield is positioned to reduce damage, the user can cause a glowing translucent barrier to cover their allies within a certain range, increasing their defense. The effectiveness of this ability increases with the defense of the shield.

Step Over Edit

Breaks a trap in exchange for taking some damage.

Taunting Blow Edit

Increases aggro towards the user

Taunting Shout Edit

Targets one opponent and directs their aggro towards the user.

Vicarious Shield Edit

When the user's health drops to zero, if they are using this ability, their shield will be destroyed and return a certain amount of health to them.

Gear Sets Edit

First Set Edit

Meteoros Shield Edit

  • Powerful shield
  • Forged with ore from a radinium meteorite

Knight Castle Armor Edit

  • Powerful full body armor
  • Adequate level armor for a level 90 Guardian

Second Set Edit

Armor of the Silver Oath Edit

  • Increases aggro gain rate
  • Resistant to cold attributes

Gaze of Lionheart Edit

  • Powerful shield with high basic defense level
  • Reduces movement speed of enemies within several meters
  • Has a lion's soul sealed inside

Tandem Seat Edit

  • Griffin saddle made for two