Stitch is from Lilo and Stitch.

Abilities Edit

Super Intelligence Edit

Stitch is stated by his creator to be able to think faster than a supercomputer, although this is poorly defined, and the only application we see of this is in how quickly he picks up certain phrases in English and Hawaiian. However even this is debatable, as, throughout all we see of him, he barely speaks any English or Hawaiian, showing an ability to understand what's being said, but only speaking in a broken accented version, and usually in the third person.

Super Strength Edit

Stitch is stated by his creator to be able to lift 3,000 times his own body weight, but not an ounce more.

Fireproof Edit

Bulletproof Edit

Shockproof Edit

Wall/Ceiling Climbing Edit

Enhanced Senses Edit

Stitch has the smelling capability of an ordinary dog and can hear things within a 30-foot radius. He can also switch between ordinary, night, and infrared vision, although his normal vision is still significantly above average.

Rolling into a Ball Edit

Acid Spitting Edit

Poison Resistance Edit

This is notably not the same as poison immunity.

Mild Shapeshifting Edit

By default, he has 6 limbs, but he is able to retract the middle two into his body to appear more like a dog. He also retracts his antennae, claws, and 3 spines on his back for the same purpose. It is debatable how successful he was in this endeavor.

Equipment Edit

Ray guns Edit

At the beginning of the movie, Stitch has 4 ray guns, which he quickly loses.

Weaknesses Edit

Water Edit

Stitch cannot swim and will sink due to his high density. This has caused a fear of large bodies of water.