The Time Lords are a race from the TV show Doctor Who.

Military Edit

The Time Lord military, if it can be called that, has two "branches" under the High Council.

High Council Edit

The High Council consisted of a number of members, including the Lord President, the Castellan, the Lord Chancellor, and six Lord Cardinals. The former also made up the Inner Council. The Vice President, who was second in authority only to the Lord President, likely was also a part of the High Council and Inner Council, but often this position was left unfilled.

Chancellory Guard Edit

The Chancellory Guard served as a sort of police force, but likely also served as a type of military when needed. The Commanders reported directly to the Castellan. Beneath the Commanders were the Captains, and beneath them, the Guards.

Celestial Intervention Agency Edit

The Celestial Intervention Agency was an organization devoted to protecting the web of time by any means necessary. They reported to the Coordinator, who often was politically at odds with the Castellan. Because the actions of the CIA often violated the Non-Interference Policy, they typically operated in secret to give the High Council plausible deniability.