"Why must everyone make such a fuss over the death of a single soldier? The moment a soldier dons his uniform, he accepts the reality that he might be buried in it."
Wrath is the youngest homunculus to be created by Father, and the only one that used to be human. It's unknown who his parents are, but he was raised by scientists, training him and others to their limits. When the scientists, and Father, who was running the whole operation, decided that they were ready, they injected the Philosopher's Stone into their subjects. Several subjects died from this, but Wrath, who, at the time, only had a number, survived. He was given superhuman speed, reflexes, and eyesight(through his left eye, over which he normally wears an eyepatch), and 2 names. The first, of course, was Wrath. But the other was King Bradley. It was decided that he would be the Fuhrer President of Amestris, and guide the country in the direction that Father intended.